Saturday, November 10, 2018

I'm Offended

I had a comment on my last post about the survey/pledge NIPPO sent out and asked members to sign, stating that they are not (or are) members of an anti-societal group (the Yakuza essentially).
Frankly, that's stupid. Members are yakuza by default unless they proclaim otherwise, and membership may be blocked for those who do not expressly sign a pledge that they're not yakuza? Including foreign members? Nobody sees that as flawed? I'm offended, honestly.

For a minute there I thought Anonymous might have a point. But I took a minute and realized that no, it's not that stupid.

Firstly, you are not yakuza by default if you don't sign the paper and send it in. You are just deciding not to reply to a request from an organization that you are willingly a member of, that has rules it is free to set. If the organization changes its membership requirements, and you choose to ignore the new requirements, well it makes sense your membership would be in jeopardy. 

NIPPO is not just a breed club, it is a 公益財団法人 which roughly translated is a Public Interest Incorporated Association which gives it special tax exemptions and status. The requirements for receiving this classification are stringent, and it can be revoked. The Japanese breeds being classified as living national treasures also means the government and NIPPO have, and will continue to have, a very close relationship.

There have been issues in some (probably all) the Japanese breed clubs in the past at shows with threats of violence being made, judges threatened, rumors of attempted bribery, that sort of thing. I believe AKIHO had so many problems at one point that the government shut down their shows until they got their house in order.

The place of the Yakuza in Japan, it's history etc is fascinating, and they are many good books on the subject so I won't delve into anything serious here. All I will say is that the national government is continually moving toward the removal of the Yakuza's influence in all spheres of Japanese society. This move to clear any influence they may have out of NIPPO is not surprising.

To clarify here, NIPPO has not said that if you don't send the form in, that your membership cannot be renewed. That is just one thing I heard they might consider. At this point all that's happened is that since only around 60 percent (or something like that) of NIPPO members bothered to take the time to send the form back in, there will be no prime minister's award at this year's grand national.

If you're a NIPPO member and have grievances about something, there is a yearly meeting open to all members (or their proxies) to bring up topics of concern. For a while now I have been hoping that with the increase in overseas members and interest in the breeds overseas, that NIPPO would do more to publish important items and information in English.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

I Am Not Yakuza

All NIPPO members should have seen this piece of paper in the front of one of the last member's magazine's they received. Quite a few people asked me what they were supposed to do with it.
Essentially this is a pledge that states that you are not a member of, and are not affiliated with, an anti-societal group. In Japan, that's code for Yakuza. Yes, it may seem funny and unimportant to sign and send this in to NIPPO HQ. However this was one of the stipulations that the new chairman of NIPPO (the brother of the current prime minister) made when he accepted the chair. In Japan, removing the Yakuza from prominent positions in society is a big deal. All the Japanese breed clubs in Japan have probably had some issues with yakuza in the past.

The BIS prize at the NIPPO grand national is called the Prime Minister's Award, and is competed for by the dogs that have won best in breed (so the best Shiba, Kishu, and Shikoku go up against each other). The top dog receives the Souridaijinshou (Prime Minister's award), and the runners up receive the Monbukagakudaijinshou (Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology award).

The Japanese breeds are classified as national treasures, and that's not just a title. The government actually takes a role in guiding and as watchdog over the breed clubs, and these awards are official government awards. The Prime Minister's award has been awarded at the grand national since 1953, and the Minister of Education award has been given out even longer, since 1932.

Unfortunately, because not enough NIPPO members replied to this survey, this year there will be no Prime Minister's award given out at the national. So, I would request that if you are an overseas NIPPO member, do your part and fill out the form! Circle the spot I've circled in the below picture, and fill out the date/address/name/signature/membership number, and send that thing in to NIPPO HQ!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Available Shikoku Female


Due to a cancellation, this little tyke over on the right is available to a good home.
If you are interested, drop me a mail over at and I'll hook you up with her breeder.
She was born on the 18th of July, and her sire is my male, Bunta.
Here she is with her siblings...
Here she is at just under a month old...
This is her mother (pregnant)
And in the living room after giving birth.

Friday, October 5, 2018


The NIPPO Grand National 2018 has a new location in Hachioji City, Tokyo.
It is in the same general area as the last venue.
Here are the coordinates for the new venue

35°40'57.0"N 139°17'07.7"E

595-1 Kamiichibukatamachi, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan

The dates are the same, November 17th (Shiba), November 18th (other breeds and BIS).

Friday, September 28, 2018

NIPPO Grand National 2018 Location is Changing!

There has been a problem with the venue that was scheduled to be used for the NIPPO Grand National in November, and the show cannot be held there.
NIPPO and the Santama branch are currently working on a solution. Once a new venue is announced, I will post it here on the blog.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Kishu Ken Decline in the National Eye

National media has just sounded a warning about the declining numbers of Kishu in Japan. The Mainichi Shinbun reported on the issue on the 16th of September.

Basically they're saying the same thing I blogged about back in February.

Still no solutions though...