Tuesday, December 11, 2018

NIPPO Show Schedule Spring 2019

Here's the schedule for NIPPO shows in the Kanto (greater Tokyo) area.

March 3rd Tochigi Branch
March 10th Saitama Branch
March 17th Gunma Branch
March 24th Santama Branch (Western Tokyo)
March 31st Ibaragi Branch
April 7th Kanagawa Branch
April 14th Tokyo Branch
April 21st Yamanashi Branch (All Chubu Regional)
April 28th Chiba Branch (All Kanto Regional)

This is Kami-chan, a Bunta daughter born over at Yoshihide Sou, currently 4 months old.

Available Kishu Male Puppies

There are 2 males available from this litter of Kishu pups (just about to hit 2 months old). I went to see the litter, loved their temperament (and their mother's), and they're really quite nice and in great health. If anyone's interested in them, feel free to contact me at kato.the.walrus@gmail.com

If I didn't already own 4 intact males, I would take one of these boys.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Read and Weep

So this just went up on NIPPO's website on the 6th of December.


So what I was saying might happen, has happened. If you don't sign the survey/pledge that I blogged about a bit ago, you won't be able to renew your NIPPO membership next year.

You can download the form by clicking on the above link (In the screengrab in this post I've underlined where to click on the page). I've listed how to sign it in this blog post http://nihonken.blogspot.com/2018/10/i-am-not-yakuza.html

Post the form to:
The Nihon Ken Hozonkai
1F Surugadai Sunrise Bldg
2-11-1 Kandasurugadai
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Japan 101-0062

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Chouseizakura Go

For everyone that is asking about the name etc of the male Shikoku that took 1st place in the adult male class at the NIPPO Grand National 2018, here's his pedigree. I'm still fleshing it out and collecting information, so it's not complete.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Show Dogs and Stud Dogs

I want to scream this every time someone asks me for a puppy from champion parents. The NIPPO members producing the best dogs know this, the best show dog is not necessarily the best breeder.

Know the breed, know what you want to produce. There are no shortcuts. You will have to work to produce good dogs, and you have to look forward, often generations forward. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

I'm Offended

I had a comment on my last post about the survey/pledge NIPPO sent out and asked members to sign, stating that they are not (or are) members of an anti-societal group (the Yakuza essentially).
Frankly, that's stupid. Members are yakuza by default unless they proclaim otherwise, and membership may be blocked for those who do not expressly sign a pledge that they're not yakuza? Including foreign members? Nobody sees that as flawed? I'm offended, honestly.

For a minute there I thought Anonymous might have a point. But I took a minute and realized that no, it's not that stupid.

Firstly, you are not yakuza by default if you don't sign the paper and send it in. You are just deciding not to reply to a request from an organization that you are willingly a member of, that has rules it is free to set. If the organization changes its membership requirements, and you choose to ignore the new requirements, well it makes sense your membership would be in jeopardy. 

NIPPO is not just a breed club, it is a 公益財団法人 which roughly translated is a Public Interest Incorporated Association which gives it special tax exemptions and status. The requirements for receiving this classification are stringent, and it can be revoked. The Japanese breeds being classified as living national treasures also means the government and NIPPO have, and will continue to have, a very close relationship.

There have been issues in some (probably all) the Japanese breed clubs in the past at shows with threats of violence being made, judges threatened, rumors of attempted bribery, that sort of thing. I believe AKIHO had so many problems at one point that the government shut down their shows until they got their house in order.

The place of the Yakuza in Japan, it's history etc is fascinating, and they are many good books on the subject so I won't delve into anything serious here. All I will say is that the national government is continually moving toward the removal of the Yakuza's influence in all spheres of Japanese society. This move to clear any influence they may have out of NIPPO is not surprising.

To clarify here, NIPPO has not said that if you don't send the form in, that your membership cannot be renewed. That is just one thing I heard they might consider. At this point all that's happened is that since only around 60 percent (or something like that) of NIPPO members bothered to take the time to send the form back in, there will be no prime minister's award at this year's grand national.

If you're a NIPPO member and have grievances about something, there is a yearly meeting open to all members (or their proxies) to bring up topics of concern. For a while now I have been hoping that with the increase in overseas members and interest in the breeds overseas, that NIPPO would do more to publish important items and information in English.