Friday, November 27, 2015

Exporting Dogs From Japan to Australia

So I already wrote about it once at the link below

but one thing has changed. The quarantine facility in Sydney has closed, so the only one left is in Melbourne. The only direct flights from Narita to Melbourne are operated by Jetstar, and they don't accept dogs. The other option is Singapore Airlines, but they do not accept dogs under 6 months. I've spoken to a few shipping companies, and they're all having trouble with shipping to Australia now as there just isn't a route they can use.

There are discussions with Animal Quarantine in Australia to allow transshipment of dogs from Sydney to Melbourne, but until that's sorted, dogs will have to be over 6 months to be shipped from Japan to Australia.

Singapore Airlines also has a list of breeds they do not accept, with Akita being on the list. I'm going to be trying to work out a route to get dogs into Australia again, but for the time being this is what we are looking at.

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