Thursday, August 18, 2016

NIPPO Registration From the JKC

So I just learned something new today after talking to NIPPO HQ.

If a dog is Japan Kennel Club registered, and the parents and grandparents (all the dogs in the pedigree basically) are all NIPPO registered dogs, the dog can be NIPPO registered (full registration).

So if a dog born overseas was exported to Japan, and then registered with the JKC, it could then have its registration transferred to NIPPO, as long as it clears the above criteria.

This is what I was told anyway, but I'd have to give it a go once and see if they actually accept the application before I accept it as fact.


  1. Can you see if the JKC will register dogs outside of the country?

    The FCI-affiliated kennel clubs that I know of will only register dogs if:

    1. The dog is physically located within the country (in this case Japan) or

    2. The owner/co-owner lives in the country (Japan) but have dogs in another country (ie. Europe with FCI dogs).

    1. No, JKC will only register dogs that are physically in Japan.

    2. I tried to do this myself and eventually hit a wall with JKC. JKC do not register dogs without them actually having been imported into Japan. They require the stamp and signature of the customs agent who cleared the dog at the point of entry in a Japanese airport as a part of the registration process. They also require a DNA profile of the dog. Most foreigners will not be able to take advantage of these kinds of transfers.